Courses offered: BA Music ( Vocal) 3 Years
MA Music ( Vocal) 2 Years

I. BA Music

3 Year BA music (Vocal) includes Practical and Theory classes in Vocal Music as Core courses and Musicology and Subsidiary Practical as Complimentary courses. In addition , there is English as first language and Malayalam or Sanskrit as second language .For Subsidiary practical, Students can learn Violin, Veena or Mridangam according to their interest.
Basic educational qualification for admission to BA Music is a pass in Higher Secondary Examination or its Equivalent. Candidates should pass an Aptitude test , conducted by the Department. The Aptitude test is conducted to examine the talent of the student in Music and his/her ‘Swarajnaana’. A basic knowledge of Svaras and Preliminary Svara exercises is preferred.
Total number of allotted seats for BA Vocal classes is 50. There are separate batches for Girls and Boys .

II. MA Music

Allotted seats for MA Vocal : 12
Basic Qualifiction: BA Music (Vocal , Veena, Violin or Mridangam), or its Equivalent from a recognized university.

Candidates with degree in Music other than Vocal , must have pass the aptitude test conducted by the Department of Vocal.

Two year MA Vocal course comprises Practical, Theory and Musicology classes. Audio listening, Project, Concert etc are also there in the Syllabus.

Current Strength of Students:
BA I year – 50
II Year – 38
III Year – 29
MA I Year – 12
II Year – 10


Teaching Faculty

Head of the Department : SREEDEV RAJAGOPALAN.

Mob: 9447446555, 9544445174
Email: sreedev25@gmail.com


Lecturers in Vocal:

Lecturer Name Contact Number
Vinitha .V 9961667709
Asha Sukumaran 9447396858
Baby.P 9497676661
Resmi.R Chandran 9946558084
Divya.A 8281188803