Veena Departmen

Veena Department was formed in the year 1978.Smt. Lakshmi Ammal was the first Head of the Department. Many eminent artists like Smt. Subbalakshmi Ammal, Smt. Balambal, Smt. Kamakshi Ammal, Smt. Padma Varma,Smt. Susheela Jose,Smt. Sheelavathy and Sri. Soundararajan served as Head of the Department. Smt. R. Rajalakshmi is the present HOD. Students are taught Veena in its traditional way with individual attention. Students get the privilege to learn from eminent scholars through interactive classes and sessions. Theoretical knowledge is also taught along with practical classes.

Academic programmes like “Scholar in Residence” and “Sadhana” are conducted every year as part of performing and learning more about their subject.  Many maestros in Veena have visited and performed as part of the academic programmes. Sri.Tricy Sivakumar, Smt. Jayanti Kumaresh, Sri. Mudikondan Ramesh, Sri. Pudukkottai Krishnamurthy, Sri Ananthapadmanabhan, Smt Subbalakshmi,Smt Balambal etc are few to mention.


Faculty Details

Sl.No Name Post Qualification
1. R. Rajalakshmi Head of the Department –Asst. Prof in Veena M.A Veena 9744875726
2. A.R Devi Lecturer in Veena M.A Veena 9496826336
3. Amala Mohan Lecturer in Veena M.A Veena 9446119004
4. Babitha Bhamakeshan Lecturer in Veena M.A Veena 9633544136
5. Jamsheera A.V Lecturer in Veena M.A Veena 7591940485
6. Anju A. R Guest Lecturer in Veena M.A Veena 9947967397


Veena Student Details

I BA Veena – 6

II BA Veena – 5

III BA Veena -2

M.A I Year – 4

M.A II Year – 3


Qualification for Admission

BA VEENA – Candidates should have a pass in 12th and have basic aptitude in music .Candidates that have basic knowledge on the instrument shall be asked to play basic lessons till Adi Tala Varnam. Total seats allotted are 10.


MA VEENA – Candidates must have a basic degree and should be capable of playing Ata Tala Varnams in two speeds. Knowledge in lessons equivalent to BA syllabus and Manodharmam shall be tested (Ragalapana,Kalpanaswara and Thanam in major and minor ragams). Total seats allotted are 12.

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