MFA Admissions 2020-21 – Aptitude Exam (04.01.2021)

As per the earlier notification from the university with regard to the MFA  first-year admissions for the academic year 2020 -21, the Entrance Exams / Aptitude Test (Written and Practical) will be conducted in the college on 04.01.2021.  All the applicants are requested to go through the  First Year MFA Aptitude Test Schedule 2020-21  PDF file attached below for more details.

N.BExams will be conducted, by strictly following covid protocols, and hence the applicants are advised to take all safety measures. 

  1. They Should carry an ID card,   face mask, water bottle, hand sanitizer etc. (Exchange of materials will not be permitted)
  2. Maintain physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet, when queuing up for entry and inside the center as far as feasible.
  3. On completion of the exam, the candidates shall move out in an orderly manner

Exam Schedule (Download the pdf file attached)



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